Wednesday, February 8, 2012

♥For the love of...... SUSHI????

 A simple "I LOVE YOU"
                                                                    means more then money.
                                                       Frank Sinatra

Some couple go out for oysters, a nice steak, some lovely chocolates but for my husband and I we go for the Sushi.  We love it so much!  Well, we thought we did but realized quickly we like the basics,
Spicy Tuna Rolls, Shrimp Rolls, and California Rolls.
My husband and I decided we would go to this fancy real sushi place for a nice dinner, the place was lovely, clean and the staff super nice. The only problem was understanding the menu, sushi, sashimi, ect. We asked the waiter but still didn't really understand.
Now  keep in mind I am all for adventure and trying anything once, we ordered what we thought would be a good sample plate, SAMPLE IS RIGHT!  To our dismay it was huge chunks of raw fish, and not a lot of the sushi we like, bite by bite I laughed and gaged all at the same time. My husband who isn't very adventurist did the same.  Finally I couldn't take it anymore and I had to stop eating it. My husband  however couldn't waste all that money cause it wasn't cheap, and  he didn't want them to think we were rude or there was something wrong, so like a champ he ATE IT ALL..
I realized I loved him so much that day, not that I didn't before, but he was such a good sport and didn't get upset with me for suggesting that place.  We decided from now on we will stick with the handmade sushi place in our local grocer as we really LIKE THAT!
There will be SUSHI for Valentines Day  :)
Now that is LOVE♥


  1. Coming to you from CAST on Etsy....
    Cute story! You are both brave! I cannot even think of putting raw fish in my mouth! I ordered a tuna steak once and it was Sushi grade....I found out that meant it was raw inside...yuck!

  2. I have never seen a cuter sushi! Lol..I agree with are brave: )

    Kelly- Castteam

  3. I love the heart shape in the sushi! I usually get the California Roll at my local grocery store.

  4. So funny! The first time I tried sushi, a friend had me try yellowtail. I decided I hated sushi at that point! Then years later another friend insisted I try a couple other things and found I LOVED it... just shrimp, crab, and actually a little raw salmon and tuna. But don't anyone give me yellowtail, whitefish, or squid. So nasty! :)

  5. With all these exotic foreign foods we are exposed to today - I find it's best to stick to the watered-down American style you'll find in the grocery store!!!

  6. That's cute. I lived in South Korea for a couple of years and every once in a while there would be raw squid or baby octopus or something a little odd on the plate that we had to eat in order not to offend the host. Such is life :-)

  7. I can't deal with the thought of eating raw fish of any sort. shiver....

  8. hahaha! we love Sushi too, what a funny memory and what a good sport he was!

  9. Aww, my Hubby would do that too. I am pretty fussy so wouldn't go for sushi. Good on you for eating what you could. Blessings Niki xx

  10. We love sushi, too! We learned to make it (much cheaper that way, and you can make it the way you like it!) and now we have a movie/sushi date night at home after the kids are in bed every couple weeks. :)

  11. That is a cute sushi picture. You wouldn't remembered it so if it had been to your liking.

  12. what a cute photo and a fun story. the hubs and i really enjoy good sushi as well. but i think we're having gnocchi for V-day!

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